B2BCyCon2018 is Here!

Yes!  It’s that time already!  B2BCyCon is here once again, and stuffed to the gills with exciting activities, not to mention more books than you can shake a stick at!  Links are below: Come by the CyberConvention Fairgrounds on Goodreads Visit the main site here And while you’re there, a vote for The Breathing Sea […]

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B2BCyCon is Here!

Yes indeedy!  B2BCyCon is here and there’s loads and loads to do!  Here’s the main page: http://b2bcycon.com/view-all-events/ You can also check out all the books at the book expo, visit with the authors at the author showcase, check out blogs at the blog hop, go on a genre tour (the fantasy one will take you back to me!), pick up free books […]

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“Behind the Scenes: Lizzie Borden Zombie Hunter” by C.A. Verstraete

Fantasy “Behind The Scenes” Tour – Stop #6 “Behind The Scenes: Lizzie Borden Zombie Hunter” by C.A. Verstraete The word fantasy often conjures up images of fairies, swords, wizards, and tales in different dimensions. But like any genre, there also is a dark side. Mention dark fantasy and the images change to blood, vampires, surreal […]

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