B2BCyCon is Here!

Yes indeedy!  B2BCyCon is here and there’s loads and loads to do!  Here’s the main page: http://b2bcycon.com/view-all-events/ You can also check out all the books at the book expo, visit with the authors at the author showcase, check out blogs at the blog hop, go on a genre tour (the fantasy one will take you back to me!), pick up free books […]

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“Invisible Armies” by Max Boot

Invisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare from Ancient Times to the Present A compelling survey of irregular warfare from the pre-Christian era to the present, “Invisible Armies” covers both guerrilla fighting, which Boot calls “the oldest form of warfare,” and terrorism, which he considers “strikingly modern.” While exhaustively researched, this is not a […]

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“Behind the Scenes: Lizzie Borden Zombie Hunter” by C.A. Verstraete

Fantasy “Behind The Scenes” Tour – Stop #6 “Behind The Scenes: Lizzie Borden Zombie Hunter” by C.A. Verstraete The word fantasy often conjures up images of fairies, swords, wizards, and tales in different dimensions. But like any genre, there also is a dark side. Mention dark fantasy and the images change to blood, vampires, surreal […]

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