The Singing Shore I is now available for preorder!

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your October. Over here we’re having beautiful, if rather dry and dusty, weather. I’ve been amusing myself by photographing fall blooms and posting them on my Instagram feed. Here’s one I took this morning of a neighbor’s zinnia:

However, the really, really exciting news is that The Singing Shore I is up for preorder! Yes! I finally decided to set a preorder date for the first book in the trilogy! It’s a long way out–next April–but it is there! The book is currently available on AppleBarnes & Noble, and Google Play, with more retailers coming soon. 

As with the other books in the Zemnian series, I wrote the entire miniseries in one go, which is why it takes me so long between releases. The Singing Shore is currently a trilogy that weighs in at over 360,000 words. I’m hoping to have all three books pretty much done and dusted by the time TSSI goes live. My dream is to have all formats–ebook, audiobook, paperback, and hardback–ready to release simultaneously as I release each book in the trilogy, but we’ll see about that. Audiobooks in particular are super-slow to produce. 

I’ve been playing around with the cover and blurb for TSSI, and you’re now about to get a world premiere of them! They may undergo further tweaking–or more than tweaking–but here is their current version for your delectation and delight:

All magical gifts are wild. The seer’s gift is the wildest of all. 

Dasha, Tsarinovna of all of Zem’, was expected to have great magical gifts. Why else would the gods have arranged her conception? But instead of anything useful, Dasha’s gifts first manifested themselves as visions of terror and destruction. Then, just when it seemed she might be gaining some control over them, they abandoned her entirely. 

That’s unfortunate, because Dasha could really use some guidance right now. She’s volunteered to be her people’s envoy to the Rutsi, their warlike neighbors to the West. Dasha wants to make peace with the Rutsi, but the only way they want to make peace with her is by conquest—or marriage. 

Dasha leaves behind her home and everything she knows on a dangerous journey to treat with the Rutsi. As she travels through a new land, she discovers new powers, new dangers, and the oldest magic of all—love. Dasha’s gift is wild, but she’s about to find out that the heart is wilder still. Her exploration of forbidden passion and forbidden magic might be the key that unlocks all her untapped promise as the strongest sorceress of her generation—or it could be the weapon that destroys her and everything she cares about. 

A high fantasy saga that combines spiritual exploration with a touch of spicy romance, The Singing Shore I: Sea and Song is the first installment in the trilogy sequel to the award-winning miniseries The Breathing Sea. If you loved the Winternight trilogy, Deathless, and the Kushiel series, or you just want to immerse yourself in some subversive, snarky epic fantasy set in a matriarchal, Russian-inspired world, come visit the land of Zem’!

So there you go! I’m super excited about this trilogy, and I can’t wait to share more of it with you. Here are those preorder links again if you want to check it out:

Google Play

Barnes & Noble


And if that’s not enough for you, the Welcome to Your Quest book event is still going on for a few more day. More than 100 fantasy ebooks, many of them (including mine) free or 99c. Check it out here.

Happy reading!


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